I am Greg. Unless noted otherwise, any and all writings posted on this site are my own. Riot on the Plaza is my place to rant about bands from the greater Kansas City and Lawrence areas that are deserving of mass attention, including but certainly not limited to things that are going on in the area currently. For questions, comments or concerns, I can be reached at riotontheplaza[at]gmail.com or you can find me on Twitter or Facebook. Not savvy with online music streaming or downloads? No problem, you can send me a physical copy of your album or demo for coverage. All formats are accepted, though I’d appreciate a heads up just so I know to look out for something. Contact me for an address.

ATTN: public relations people. Hey. How’s it going? You may have come across this page by doing a search for tour reviews, and miraculously came up with my woefully under-viewed site. Not sure how you got here, but thanks all the same. Before you shoot me that e-mail requesting coverage for your band’s tour/album, please consider a few things:

1. If the band is not from the KC/Lawrence area, their album review will not be posted here.
2. If the show on which the band is playing does not feature any local acts, the review will not be posted here.

HOWEVER, I still cover national bands. These days, I probably do more of that than local stuff. Anything that does not fit into the two categories displayed above will appear on Lost In Reviews, a site (with a much larger readership) for which I write on the side. You can still e-mail me, but it would do you good to CC ryan@lostinreviews.com on it, so that if I am unable to cover it myself, someone else could.

Thanks for reading.


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