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New Band Alert: Seaway In Typhoon

There are a lot of bands in Kansas City. This is a blessing, in that almost anyone who has a music taste that encompasses more than one sound (sorry, fans of Burzum or ABBA, your options are currently rather limited) has a veritable smorgasbord of upcoming acts to keep up with at any given time. To some, though, this can be a curse. I, for example, have an almost obsessive-compulsive need to know what is going on in this town at all times, and I pack this information away in little brain compartments that inexplicably explode at times, as seen in my most recent live show review. While it is categorically impossible to keep track of the comings and goings of every band that exists in and around in Kansas City, as some only play a handful of shows before morphing into another band, I would like to give my readers (all three of them) a somewhat frequent update of that which should be paid attention to. Thus bringing us to…

Seaway In Typhoon. A new synth-heavy, woozy jam affair from three members of what was only a year ago known as Reward Tree. Taylor Dunn is joined by Stephen Roper and Christopher Turner in a presumed natural progression of the sound RT began expanding upon before their demise. From the beginning, as Jump Rope For Heart, a fully electric, if rather traditional indie rock band, to the earliest two EPs from Reward Tree, which slowly began to incorporate some keyboards and sampling, to Making Beds, which, to be honest, I always just thought was the name of an unreleased Jump Rope album that was made public under the Reward Tree moniker. Still a little unclear about that one. In any event, the new band has posted a handful of their songs online from a yet to be released album and EP, both of which are to be expected this spring.

Above, you can listen to the band’s titular track from their upcoming full-length, and if you click here you can hear an additional five. Intrigued? Then find the band on Facebook and Twitter.


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The purpose of Riot on the Plaza is simply to get some names out there that may have otherwise been overlooked, both from today and from years past. This blog is just a place where I can nerd out about bands I enjoy, and I hope you enjoy it as well.


One thought on “New Band Alert: Seaway In Typhoon

  1. Riddles is where it’s at 😉

    Posted by Taylor | March 8, 2014, 8:13 PM

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